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Duplicate File Fixer – A must have app for your Android

by John Bhatt
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This time, we have found a really cool application. The name of this application is Duplicate File Fixer and it is available on Google Play with the rating of 4.1 rating which is highest on this kind of application.

Suppose the case, you have some media files (songs, video), generally everyone having Android Phone have media files. You liked a song and got it from some source. For the users with SD card they have larger collection of songs or videos but many of them are duplicate files. Similarly, many images we have kept for backup purpose of any other purpose, they are also consuming space of device and the space is the thing, that human always want to expand. We never settle for what we have.

In my case, I don’t watch videos but love to listen MP3s while listening, I have a 32GB SD card which I have purchased more than 3 years ago. That SD card has nearly 5,000 songs (consuming more than 15 GB). But many of them are repeated also because when I hear a good song somewhere, I downloaded and saved but never checked whether the song existed or not. Now that SD card has more than 200 songs repeated but I can’t check manually 5000 files which one is already there. 

Duplicate File Fixer

Now, we have a perfect solution for solving above dilemma. All you have to do is just insert your SD card in any Android Phone, download a App named Duplicate File Fixer application from Google Play. You know what, this is a completely free application. No ads, no promotional content, no in-app purchases, Free!

Key features of Duplicate File Fixer

  1. You can make settings for filters on which kind it will start searching.
  2. This will automatically mark duplicate file and ask you to Delete or Backup.
  3. Can check multiple kind of files. Audio, Video, Pictures, Documents, and other files.
  4. Easiest and simple GUI. No confusing menus. Metro tiles, just tap and go on single click.
  5. This app is amazingly fast. You don’t have to wait.

Let’s have look at screenshot of this application.

Being a free and helpful app, we are sharing this app with you. This is very less in size approx. 5.9 MB and nothing any bloatware, adware, Charges, need purchase or nothing subscription. Neither you have to sign up. Download Duplicate File Fixer app from below link for Google Play.

Duplicate File Fixer - Play Store

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