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How to Enable WhatsApp Payment? (Step by Step with Screenshots)

by John Bhatt

Last month, WhatsApp messenger got in the news in Indian media by releasing WhatsApp Payment feature and some of the big companies like PayTM has raised questions over the implementation guidelines of India’s very own payment method, UPI in WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp has released the beta testing to large numbers of users but this was not specific as Beta Builds but selected on some users randomly. We also managed to get an beta testing feature enabled in a device and sharing screenshots of step by steps to enable WhatsApp payment.

Lets start.

How it will look the WhatsApp Payment Option?

WhatsApp Payment Option from Attachment Menu

Once you tap the Payment option for first time, it will redirect you to process where account linking and UPI Pin generation happens if not generated earlier.

WhatsApp Payment Settings Page

When you click on Accept And Continue button, it will confirm your mobile number.

WhatsApp Payment Mobile Number Confirmation

When we click Verify via SMS button, a encoded SMS is sent to account verification servers.

WhatsApp payment Bank Selection

When you click Bank Name, another SMS is sent to bank server to fetch & authenticate your bank account. If your mobile number is linked with Bank Account, your account will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm the response.

WhatsApp Payment Bank Account Details

At this stage, when you tap on your account number, it will again go back to UPI Servers and get status of your UPI Registration. If you are not registered for UPI already, you have to provide your last 6 digit of Debit Card. Which is linked to Bank account selected and then do verification with Expiry Date of Debit Card.

You can invite other friends by sending some money to their number which will make their account active for Payment option.

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