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Moto G 3rd Generation gets price drop

by John Bhatt
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Motorola’s super success phone Moto G is successor this year, released back on July known as Moto G 2015 or Moto G 3rd Generation, was betrayed by its parent.

Moto G was launched on 2013 as best budget phone and manages successfully to re-introduce Motorola in the market of Android in India. After the launch on 15K, phone got multiple price drops as it received revolutionary versions later some month, Moto G 2014 or Moto G 2nd generation followed the Moto G tradition and made more success to Motorola. In July 2015, Motorola packed the Moto G with Waterproof feature and 2 GB RAM and launched to make it the best budget phone. I personally prefer Moto phones because they are fast enough to get Android Updates and run on near stock android which is unbeatable experience.

Moto G 3rd Generation Price Drop – 1500.00 on Flipkart app

When Moto G was betrayed and Motorola launched Moto G Turbo Edition with Turbo charging feature, Octa-core processor, Improved GPU, and Latest Android 5.1.1. Just a version behind Android M.

Lets have look at some important features of Moto G 3rd Generation.

[aps_product_features id=”12380″ style=”metro”]

To promote the new phone launched this month which is priced just INR 1500 higher than the Moto G 3rd Generation, the elder brother of Moto G family has got price drop. As turbo charger costs around 2000, everyone is grabbing the Moto G Turbo edition.  To continue the sell of Moto G 3rd generation, Motorola has dropped the price, You can now get Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation 1500 cheaper only on App.

Download Flipkart and follow the link to grab the deal.

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