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Download Prisma on Android from Google Play

by John Bhatt

Since last month, a photo editing app released 11 June 2016 for iOS created lots of hype. The outstanding ability of apps to use its AI to create portrait of images based on multiple templates provided in application itself. Being a free application and good quality it became viral within the first week of launch on Apple App Store.

Google Play was flooded by spammers with similar names and even similar icons as company has not released its Android version. Lets have look at some screenshots of Play store on mobile and installing Prisma.

We have tried a beta version of Prisma app earlier, but there were some bugs and only few devices were compatible with app and effects are not loading.

As you can say, there are lots of preset themes. You have option to set intensity of effect by just sliding your finger from bottom to top  or left to right on image editor screen.

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Download Prisma From Play Store.


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