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Software Update for Moto Z Play – OPNS27.76-12-22-9

by John Bhatt
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Lenovo owned Motorola Mobility has released a new update for its first generation of Moto Z Play phone. 

With Build number OPNS27.76-12-22-9 Update, this is a security patch up-to 01st August 2018 with some improvements for Moto Z Play. 

Moto Z Play is the mid ranger phone with Snapdragon 626 Processor and 3GB or RAM with 32 GB Storage, Dual SIM and dedicated Memory Card Slot.

Lets have look at some of the screenshots of this software update.

What is new on this Update?

In Build OPNS27.76-12-22-9 for Moto Z Play, there are security patches included. Android Security patches up-to 1st August 2018 are bundled in this build.

How Big is OPNS27.76-12-22-9 Update ?

This build is nearly about 72.7 MB and you can downloading using your Mobile Data as well.

How long does it take to install this update on Moto Z Play?

This build takes nearly 10-15 minutes to install on your Moto Z Play device. During this period, you will not be able to use your phone.

Should I take backup of my data?

While installing this update, any of personal data is not deleted. So it is not necessary to take backup of your phones local storage data.

How to Download this Update on Moto Z Play?

Tap on App Drawer > Settings > About Phone > System Updates.

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