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Switch between Audio & Video Call – WhatsApp new feature

by John Bhatt
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Facebook owned mobile messaging app WhatsApp has added a new feature in their application.

WhatsApp is one of most popular instant messaging application which took market as alternative of SMS.

Due to continuous development of new features WhatsApp is more favorite application among other.

We have previously shared news of upcoming new features in WhatsApp. For your ease, some of them are

How to do WhatsApp Calling Activation?

New Feature – WhatsApp Video calling – Update

WhatsApp Video Calling is now on Android

Now, when WhatsApp audio & video calls are public for all users, developers are testing new feature to switch calls between Audio & Video. If you are in Audio call, app will give you option to switch to Video Call and vise-versa.

The Button for Call Switching in WhatsApp Messenger

Lets have some screenshots which we have captured in our device (Moto Z Play) running WhatsApp Messenger Version 2.18.5.

WhatsApp Call Switch - New Feature

How to get Call Switching Feature for WhatsApp?

To get this, you may have to join WhatsApp Beta Testing group using Google Play link. Please share this news among your friends and let them know about new Call Switching feature of WhatsApp.

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