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System Update for Moto Z Play – NPNS26.118-22-2-12

by John Bhatt
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Lenovo owned Motorola Mobility has released a new software update for Moto Z Play. We have shared about this phone earlier as well in multiple updates. System Update for Moto Z Play with build number NPNS26.118-22-2-12 is around 50 MB and can be downloaded using Mobile Data as well.

Moto Z Play on Flipkart

What is new in NPNS26.118-22-2-12 ?

This System update includes below important updates.

  1. Android Security Update up to 1st December 2017.
  2. Fix for KRACK vulnerability.

KRACK is vulnerability identified on October 2017 which allowed attacker to attack WPA2 protocol. Motorola has fixed this in this software.

This system update is around 49.3 MB and available as OTA. This will not erase any of data on phone and takes around 10 minutes.

We recommend you to install this update to avoid any security attack and keep your phone up-to-date.

Below are some screenshots.

Check About Phone and System Update to get this update.

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