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Update for Moto Z Play – NPN26.118-22-2 Available in India – September 2017

by John Bhatt
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Lenovo owned Motorola Mobility has released a update for its budget variant of first generation Modular phone, Moto Z Play.

The build number for this Update is NPN26.118-22-2.

About Moto Z Play

This phone comes with Moto Mod Support, 3GB RAM, 32 GB Internal Storage, Dual SIM and dedicated SD card support along with 16MP main camera and Octacore Snapdragon 625 processor.

You can buy Moto Z Play from Flipkart with Style Mod at INR 24,999.00. Newer version of this phone is also available with upgraded features, Moto Z2 Play is available on 27,999.00 INR on Flipkart. During recent Sales and offers, this phone is discounted and we saw price cut around 5000.

Earlier this month, we shared a post about Software Update NPN26.118-22-1 on Moto Z Play which contained Security Patch dated 1st August 2017 and other some improvements.

Yesterday, Motorola has released new update for Moto Z Play and this update is with serial number NPN26.118-22-2.

How to Download NPN26.118-22-2 Update?

First, Go to settings > About Phone > System Updates.

What is download size of NPN26.118-22-2?

The download is around 70.2 MB. Thus, You can choose to download over mobile data too.

Does this Update delete your personal data?

No, absolutely not. This update installs seamlessly but takes your phone not-reachable for 10-15 minutes.

What is new in NPN26.118-22-2 for Moto Z Play?

Moto Z Play received August Security patch last month and that time Build number was NPNS26.118-22-1. This build contains Security Patches of September 2017.

This update has significant Boot-up improvement. Also the update for Moto 360 with Improvements.

Should I install this update or not?

Of course, You should, as we are getting news of phones being hacked and your personal data being theft, these Updates are directly from Android Team and these patches fix known holes in Operating System.

Thus, It is very much important to install updates and security patches in system software from verified vendors / sources.

Now, Lets have a look at some screenshots during installation and after installation.

Stay tuned for more updates and tips on Android Security.

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