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WhatsApp Video Calling is now on Android

by John Bhatt

Few months ago, we have shared a rumor that displayed some proof of Video Calling feature on Android. We have earlier notified you of genuine updates on WhatsApp some of which are below if you have missed any.

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  2. WhatsApp Voice Calling Activitation

Since last week, it has been in Media and most of news websites that WhatsApp has got Video Calling Feature and some were telling that WhatsAppp for Windows Phone has got the beta feature first but we did not received any reliable proof and update on our devices. A beta build of WhatsApp, which is released yesterday have updates for Android.

Lets have look at some of screens.

WhatsApp Video Calling screens.

As in above screens, first one is the Video Call dialing screen. There are only three button, first is Camera Swap button, second is message button and third one is mute button and a big disconnect button on the cleanly designed dialer screen.

Second screen shows, what happens when we call phones those don’t have latest WhatsApp version which support video call.

Third is combined call history for Voice calls and Video calls.

Fourth screen is from the home UI of WhatsApp and we get this by clicking Call button on the Top of chat history. Simply this is contact list for calling which shows both Voice and Video Calling option for all.

How to get WhatsApp Video Calling?

Update your WhatsApp application from direct WhatsApp official website or download beta version from Google Play to experience the Video Calling feature. Share good news  with your friends.

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