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WhatsApp Video calling – New Update

by John Bhatt

This time a more mind-blasting news about WhatsApp. We have previously covered many news about WhatsApp.

Lets list some of them for your quick reminder.

This time, we have a news that is currently trending the web. We are referring a screenshot shared by a German blogger from WhatsApp on iPhone. He has shared version number and two screens of Video calling. We are quoting exactly same as posted in Macerkopf.

 WhatsApp: Photos show videochat

The official version of WhatsApp, which is currently in the iOS App Store, carries the version number 2:12:12. Internally, the developers and beta testers are already a few steps further. To our knowledge, the is currently tested internally. In these functions have already been implemented, will be incorporated in the coming weeks in a final version.


WhatsApp Video Calling

Leaked screens of Video Calling in WhatsApp. Shared on Macerkopf

Read original article at http://www.macerkopf.de/2015/12/21/whatsapp-fotos-videochat-tabs-arbeit/

We are expecting the new version to launch soon and as well as we get any update we will update you.

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