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Where are Wynk Music Files saved in Android?

by John Bhatt

Wynk Music is a Music app by Airtel, India’s largest telecom company. It is available for all popular mobile platform with genuine music content from various artists, publishers and regions.

Having many choices, this app comes with great support and some great feature with cheap plans to listen original music to stop the Piracy.

Wynk, An application for Music which dominated other apps like Saavn, Hungama and many others who were earlier in competition. When Wynk music became a hit application with 50 million installs in Android platform alone while application available for iOS and Windows Phone.

Now when we have option to save music files in Local system so we can play offline, now we wanted to share the files to other user via other applications like WhatsApp or SHAREit. However, we can’t see files in any other music player available.

Here are the steps to locate the files of Wynk Music in Android File Manager. (Please consider yourself installing Wynk Music and then saving some files offline after a valid subscription.)

1: Download and install any File Manager application if it is not already in your Android device.

File Manager -1 - Searching Wynk Music Storage Folder

2: Open File Manager and locate Android folder. 

File Manager - 2 Searching Wynk Music Storage Folder

3: Open Android folder and navigate inside Data folder. 

4: Inside data folder, search for com.bsbmusic.com folder and open.

Wynk File Manager

5: Inside the com.bsbmusic.com, there will be a folder named Files.

Wynk Data Files

When you will click the Folder to open, you will find all the files listed as in below screen. (Depending upon your downloaded songs.)

Wynk Files

But, remember, you can view files, you can move files to any backup location. But you can’t share the files as MP3. We can not copy and play the music files of Wynk Music in other application because they are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected files.


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