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Xiaomi is coming with an All Screen Fingerprint Sensor for Phones

by Deepthi Sharma
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Recently it is revealed that Xiaomi is coming with All screen Fingerprint sensor for all phones which can be used to unlock the device by using the registered finger/thumb on any portion of the screen.

For now, it is sure that future Xiaomi device could come with company’s first-ever all-screen fingerprint sensor.

About Xiaomi:

Xiaomi was founded in April 2010 by ex-Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun, as a software company creating a new custom ROM based on Google’s Android. Their aim was to provide additional functionality that Android had yet to offer and an easy to use user interface. MIUI, the ROM which the team created, became a huge success and has been ported to many devices.

Xiaomi is coming with an All Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Bio metric authentication has come a long way since its humble origins in the capacitive fingerprint sensor. Face ID, ultrasonic sensors, and under-screen optical sensors have since taken precedence and are now present on almost every modern-day smartphone.

Xiaomi wants to push that envelope even further and is reportedly working on some revolutionary fingerprint unlocking tech.

All Screen Fingerprint sensor from Xiaomi

Famous leakster Mukul Sharma (@stufflisting) has shared a tweet with demo screenshots.

All Screen Fingerprint Sensor for phones
All-screen-finger-print-sensor-for phones / Source: @StuffListing

Existing phones using All screen Fingerprint sensor

Vivo had already demonstrated this feature last year with the Apex 2019 concept phone, so we know that the technology exists. It is unclear as to when it will make its way to a commercially available smartphone. As being very exciting feature, we expect to this to come in flagship phones first.

Few weeks ago, we have heard about Xiaomi Working on In-Display fingerprint for LCD screens while it is currently possible to use in-display fingerprint sensor in AMOLED screens only. So, for now it is not clear that when Xiaomi will introduce this.

We will be actively following the development, keep checking or you can subscribe to our feeds.

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