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Update Album Art of Song in Windows

by John Bhatt
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Hey,We everybody here loves Music. Must have collected many songs of their choice and I am sure, that collection is downloaded from Internet or loaded from any mobile shop.

How do you feel, when you see any Website Image (Logo), Mobile shop’s Image or some other Actors photo while playing media in Media Player.  I am sure, it should make you panic
and also frustrating.
Or the scene might be opposite also, you bought some Music from Internet or elsewhere, But that has some other Artists image there or wrong album image published.
So, you might like to change that Image to your favourite Image or your own creation. I have a solution.


  1. Microsoft Windows 7,8,8.1 (Tested).
  2. MP3 or other Media Player Supported format.
  3. Image of your choice.


  1. Copy Image of your choice.
    Album Art of song
  2. Open Windows Media Player. Album Art of song
  3. Search for your MP3 File or Album.
  4. Right Click on Album Art of Song. Album Art of song
  5. Choose Paste Album Art Option and wait for sometime, if there are a lot of Files.
    Album Art of song
Other Keywords and search terms:
Change Background Image of MP3, Change Album Art, Remove Photo from Mp3, Media Player Customization, Set Image as mp3 background.

Here you go. Your Album Art is updated now.

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