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Fix Rows & Columns Simultaneously in Microsoft Excel

by John Bhatt

Once again, moving ahead on Microsoft Excel series, We will learn another trick here. In previous posts, we have learnt how to fix one or more rows at same time and how to fix one or more columns at same time so that we can feel comfort with our data.
Now, it is time to fix row and columns simultaneously
Lets have a loot at the previous file we have created for demonstration. Vehicle Daily Status sheet.

We want here to fix the column A to E and rows 1,2 and 3. So that wherever we are on sheet, we know what field it is?
Lets move to process without loosing any time.

  1. Click the Intersection point (cell) of rows and column you want to fix. 
  2. Click on View Tab.
  3. Click on Freeze Panes.
  4. Click on Freeze Panes. 
You are done. Your output must be similar to this.
Have a look at Column Names and Row numbers I have highlighted in above snapshot.
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