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Harmony OS, Huawei announces alternative of Android

by John Bhatt
Harmony OS Huawei Developer Conference

At ongoing Huawei Developer Conference 2019 in Dongguan, China, Huawei has announced the name and features of their on-house Operating System.

As the ban from US Government was announced, Google also announced to stop support for their Android Operating System. However, after few months of cold war US lifted the ban on certain condition.

While, Huawei is left no option while being one of top smartphone manufacturer in the world, it hurt them and they have started working on alternative.

However, the work is not started, it was something they were working on since last 4-5 years but above trade-war caused Huawei to increase the pace of development.

Internet is filled with the possible names as Huawei registered multiple trademarks on international market which are related to Operating System.

Harmony OS – a Microkernel based OS

At today’s HDC, the official name and features are announced themselves and we may soon see the devices with Harmony OS from Huawei.

Harmony OS is microkernel-based, like Google’s in-development Fuchsia OS. Huawei says that Fuchsia uses a “non-distributed design,” unlike Harmony OS. Huawei says this allows for flexible deployment on various devices, easing app development in all scenarios. To justify both of these claims, Huawei brings up that it is “hard to deliver a smooth experience across different devices with [a] huge amount of [code] in Android and Linux core.” That’s because “multi-device interconnection [raises] requirements for security” and the “close-coupling between [the] app ecosystem and [the] hardware compromises [the] user experience and development efficiency.”


Tomorrow, Huawei has scheduled to display demo of Honor Vision TV which is build on Harmony OS.

Harmony OS Huawei Developer Conference

You can read the more about this on XDA blog. Earlier this Operating System is also being touted as Hongmeng OS and also, Ark OS is another trademark Huawei has registered in International market.