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How to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting to Attend Webinar?

by John Bhatt
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Webinars. Have you heard of them? Here is what Wikipedia says about Webinar.

Web conferencing may be used as an umbrella term for various types of online collaborative services including web seminars (“webinars”), webcasts, and peer-level web meetings. It may also be used in a more narrow sense to refer only to the peer-level web meeting context, in an attempt to disambiguate it from the other types of collaborative sessions. Terminology related to these technologies is inexact, and no generally agreed upon source or standards organization exists to provide an established usage reference. Source

If we have to summarize, If Seminars are conducted in virtual environment, they are called Webinar (Web+Seminar). In general, Webinar are conducted by some experienced person to train or share his knowledge to large community of users.

They have ability to share audio, video, screen of their computer, making sessions interactive like real seminars and lot more based on software.

Today, we are going to learn about how to join such training conducted through a very popular and one of the world’s most used Webinar software from technology giant,

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a separate Web Conferencing software with ability to share your audio, video from webcam, screen or particular application from your Windows PC.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting has two roles. One is presenter and other is Attendee. Presenter has right to ask question, create and publish polls, share audio or video, entire screen or particular application of their desktop.

They have also permission to mute other users to make meeting controlling more useful. Live Meeting also support Recording of session which can be later published to YouTube or other network using video editing tools like Movie Maker.

While Attendee has option to join the session, share their voice or video with community, ask questions, raise hands in case of doubts, can provide signal whether they are listening or seeing screencast correctly.

IndiaMentor have recently announced about Webinars on SOLID Principles and Internet of Things. We will be helping IndiaMentor on their community events. Below are the few steps to join meeting.

We suggest and recommend you to be ready with meeting software at least before 15 minutes of meeting start time. Let’s start.

Step 1:

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Download Microsoft Live Meeting Software from Microsoft Official Download Center. The file is around 16.5 MB.

Step 2:

Once software is installed, open Live Meeting software.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting for Webinar Microsoft Office Live Meeting for Webinar

Step 3:

You need to enter three values before you join meeting. Meeting ID, Entry Code and Location. Entry code might be blank in some cases.

Location is name of service name or chat room if you have been familiar to Yahoo Messenger in past.

These all three fields are to be provided by the presenter or the organizer of meeting. Lets have a look at a Webinar event Page in IndiaMentor Event page detail.


Just enter these details in Microsoft Office Live Meeting software. Please note, the meeting ID and Codes are valid till the meeting end.

Once meeting is finished, these codes are useless. You can not use the meeting codes before the meeting start and after meeting end.

Happy Learning.

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