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Data Processing

by Log Raj Bhatt
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Definitions of term:

  1. Data processing is the act of manipulating date in some fashion to obtain some result.
  2. Data processing is the process by which facts and figures are collected, assigned some meaning, transmitted to others in network and retained for future use.
  3. Data processing is the series of activities and actions that convert raw data into some useful and meaningful information.
  4. Data processing refers the gathering , manipulation and arranging  to complete some goal.
  5. Different techniques like classifying, searching, sorting, summarizing, comparing, calculating etc. are used for data manipulation.


Steps of data processing cycle:

Data Processing Cycle

Fig: Data Processing cycle

  1. Input: Input is the activity by which computer receive data and make it available for processing or presentation. There are different input devices to get data into computer like Keyboard, Mouse, Microphone, Scanner etc. Some devices check and verify the input content before delivering it to system.
  2. Process: Process is the key step in data processing cycle. It is a single name given to set of activities which convert raw data into meaningful information. Processing is done by processor or CPU. Arithmetic and logic unit of CPU can perform different logical and arithmetic  operation like comparison, addition, Shifting, increment etc.
  3. Output: Output is communication function which transmits information obtained after processing to Human which is operating the system. That means Output deals with presenting the result into human understandable  form like text, graphics, video, audio etc. The main activity in this step is to decode the electronic information and convert in format that is presentable to human. There are different output devices like Monitor, printer, speaker ..
  4. Storage: Storage plays key role since it reserve data for future use. Stored data can be used any time. Data need to be stored temporarily while processing. Different kinds of Storage devices are used in system. These storage devices include Different kinds of semiconductor chips(SSD, RAMs), Magnetic tapes/disk(Hard disk, Floppy disk), optical storage(DVD, Blue-ray Disk)etc.
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