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Features Of Java Explained

by Log Raj Bhatt
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We all read that java is simple, secure, Dynamic, Distributed, Portable, High performance, Object oriented, Robust, Architecture Neutral and Multi-Threaded. These 10 terms are called Java Buzzwords and are used to define java programming language. You will get these features of java language explained. Let’s discuss what these buzz words want to say.

  • Why java is simple?

    • Java inherits syntax of C and C++. Everyone knows these are the most popular programming languages.
    • Java inherit object oriented features of C++.
    • Concept of multiple inheritance is omitted which increase confusion.
    • Java do not use concept of pointers which is one of the complex matter of programming.

    At last James Gosling also said that java is easiest for those who is not involved in process oriented Language.

    2. Why Java is secure?

    • No use of pointers protect system from insecure memory access
    • Concept of exception handling secures the system from any vulnerable result.
    • Each data type in java has fixed size so sequence of execution of java program is same in any platform.
    • Java applets are not allowed to access local file system, other connection or libraries.
    • Type safe reference casting make java more secure.
    • Garbage collector is automatic
    • Most java libraries are safe since they are already tested. So the use of such libraries lead to secure system.

    So Java is used to develop extremely safe enterprise level Applications.


    3. Why java is Dynamic?

    • The compiled byte code can be executed in any platform.
    • Java loads the classes at run time
    • Java verify and resolve object access issues using run time information.
    • Java components are useful in dynamically extending the functionality of program.
    • Object run time alteration (means objects can be created or modified in run time)is the main reason.

    Java is Dynamic due to it’s extensive use of run time environment in handling the security and efficiency issues.

    4. Why java is Distributed?

    • Java Supports distributed processing.
    • Platform independent code from remote host can be downloaded and executed.
    • Applets are the small java programs which can be transmitted over the internet.
    • Remote Method Invocation make possible to call the method of object at remote server using CORBA.
    • Availability of URL class make java distributed


    5. Why Java is Portable?

    • Java Program yield intermediate byte code which is independent of any platform.
    • That byte code can be executed any java Run time . So compiled java program i .e. Byte code can be execute anywhere and anytime.

    6. Why java is fast in performance?

    • Java introduced JIT compiler which make java faster than before.
    • Performance bottlenecks are compiled separately and optimized using different optimizing algorithm.
    • Automatic garbage collection makes java fast.
    • Java omits the complex features of Object oriented programming.
    • Java uses only 32 bit reference size which is again resolved into 8 bit blocks.

    7. Why java is Object oriented?

    • In java objects are the functional building blocks of program rather than functions or procedures.
    • Java is pure and completely object oriented language.
    • It support almost all features of Object orientation.
    • In inherits C++ which is first most popular object oriented language.

    8. Why Java is Robust?

    • Automatic garbage collection , Strong type checking and run time error checking makes java robust.
    • Java restrict by early checking from the possible errors.
    • Unreachable code or Null pointer exceptions are handled by java.
    • It is almost impossible to create hard to recovery errors in java so it is regarded as Robust Language

    9. Why java is Architecture Neutral?

    • Java byte code do not depend on particular architecture.
    • Byte code can be executed almost in any processor with JVM on it.(Example a c program compiled in windows may not run in Mac OS).
    • Fixed sized primitive data types make java program to run uniformly without getting affected by platform.
    • A program will give same output in any architecture machine so it is called architecture neutral. This is little bit different from portability.

    10.Why Java is Multi-threaded?

    • We can develop multi-threaded programs using java.
    • Single java program many have multiple threads running independently so java is multi threaded.

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priya July 25, 2018 - 10:45 AM

Java has many important features that makes java one of the most useful programming language today. As the time passes, java has emerged as one of the most preferable programming language for different types of need


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