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How to Make Money online without investment

by John Bhatt
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We are starting new series of article on how to earn online by spending your time at right place. Many of us use Internet for social networking and other silly (pardon me) activities. Some search internet for good thing, some for bad things but most of we spend hours on internet per day.

Make money online

Assume how it would be if we get paid for spending and doing the similar things those we are doing. There are several methods of earning money by doing some simple tasks legally. We are not going to talk here about any illegal methods. While there might be many sources and ways to online work and online income, we will here list and explain few in this Online Income category which are most popular and simple to achieve.

Methods to make money online?

  1. Blogging:

    What if I say, people make thousands of Dollars by blogging. Wonder how! I too. I know many people who left their high paying job to start blogging and become millionaire. While naming few of them, we have Amit Agarwal, Tony John, Harsh Agrawal, Pinal Dave and many other bloggers who have been providing quality content to readers and earn a lot than other working professional. While blogging is not just enough to earn money, we have to monetize the content, write quality content with enough research and get traffic. This will earn quite enough. We will learn how to start own blog free of cost in next article of this series.

  2. Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate Marketing is very big topic, we will try learn some basic methods which you can easily do with on internet. Generally Affiliate Marketing is similar but virtual sales job. But it is far better than the Sales job where after completing degree, people visit the doors of companies for getting business (sorry for those graduates). Here, you will share the link to product with your own tag which the seller has assigned to you uniquely. Lets be clear with a simple example, you signed up for Amazon affiliate website, they will give link of any product with your affiliate tracking ID appended in URL. When someone buy product referred by you, the fixed percentage of the sales is credited in your account.

  3. Social Media:

    Most of people spend their time on social media. And most of their time on Facebook, Twitter and few on other media like LinkedIn. Are you wondered, how spending time on social media can make money online for you? There are many marketing companies, who hire persons to promote their page in social media. Nowadays, there is a trend that is ruling internet, social support. Most of larger and hi-tech companies have a social support team. Their responsibility is to browse the social network and attend queries of customers posted over social media.

  4. Community Activity:

    Online Communities are always been helpful. There is a saying, If you are good at something, just don’t do it for free. Everyone certainly have knowledge of something and everyone is perfect at one special talent. Just find what you are good at and spend your time answering questions and sharing knowledge on social networks. Some good example of good paying community are listed below .

There are many methods to list. We will post about detailed methods to make money online without spending anything.

[Note: We do not provide any work, neither this is a spam post like work from home. Our effort is to tell our visitors how to utilize their time on right place to monetize and help for growth.]

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