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HTML Introduction, What is HTML? Who Created?

by John Bhatt

What is HTML?

HTML is a Mark-Up Language. It’s full form is Hyper Text Markup Language.
This language is invented by Swish Physician Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 AD at European Laboratory, Switzerland.

HTML Introduction:

HTML is a simple scripting language used to create hypertext documents. Hyper text document is a piece of text that works as link.
Before HTML, it was SGML which is abbreviation of Standard Generated Markup Language.


HTML is markup language which is written inside codes, and these codes are called tags. These tags are written inside angle brackets (<>).
These tags are of two types.

Container Tag:

Also called Paired Tags. These tags have endings also. These tags are closed with forward slash (/). eg.


Empty Tag:

Also known as single tag. These tags do not have endings. Eg.
<hr >
<br >

Keep reading and send feedback. Next is a first HTML Page with compulsory tags and markups.

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