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Cloud Storage : SkyDrive (OneDrive)

by John Bhatt
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Some time ago, we have talked about Cloud Storage. Continuation of that series, I am going to write here about SkyDrive, a cloud storage facility provided by Microsoft to its user for free with custom upgradable plans also.


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SkyDrive logos at various stages
   Microsoft SkyDrive is included with Windows Live product and previously known as Windows Live Folders, then Windows Live SkyDrive and now SkyDrive or Microsoft SkyDrive. Being officially announced on 01 August 2007, this product is tested by some BETA testers across United States and UK. Initially storage capacity is given 5GB per user which is expanded to 25 GB on 02 December 2008. On continuous improvement of service, SkyDrive is integrated with Office Web Apps and Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) to attach larget Photos and other documents as email attachments.


Now, SkyDrive is developed for various platforms and available for most of devices. Now it has its native application for Apple’s iOS and Mac, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows (Desktop version for Windows 7 and prior version), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and XBox 360 also with Web version. Due to high volume of users and popularity, its size has been reduced to 7 GB for new registrations. Emails registered after 22 April 2012 will get 7 GB for free while members registered before that date have 25GB of free storage. You can upload every kind of file in SkyDrive, there is no restriction of File Type. SkyDrive is  currently available over world with 94 languages. Microsoft launched Premium plans of SkyDrive on 23 September 2013 which are divided in 3 classes for 50+, 100+ and 200+ which adds corresponding GBs of data to user account.
The Desktop version and other application has capability to Sync file and save to cloud as preferred by user over internet.

Registration & Login

Everyone, who signs up for Microsoft Live Account has access to All of the Windows Live services including SkyDrive. SkyDrive is accessible at https://skydrive.live.com.


There are lots of feature of using Cloud Storage, but we will just list some of SkyDrive features that are notable.

  • Integrated with Office Web Apps, you can create or edit your document online.
  • Format support of PDF, XML based Document and ODF with lots more.
  • Document Embedding on web and sharing with friends which makes it useful at work.
  • Email Integration, send directly via email as attachment to any email id.
  • Share with Windows Live Groups, such as your office team have access to your work files and they can work even you are not at office and multiple users at at time.
  • Slideshow of uploaded photos.
  • Recycle Bin. Most useful tool for cloud storage. Suppose you uploaded a larger file and deleted by mistake. SkyDrive gives you option to Restore your file within maximum of 30 days period.
  • Download all your files in single Zip file and extract at your machine.


SkyDrive (OneDrive) for Web (Current Version)
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Cloud Storage : SkyDrive (OneDrive) 7
Windows 8.1
Cloud Storage : SkyDrive (OneDrive) 8

For a Developer

SkyDrive (OneDrive) has launched its API so that developer can develop applications for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 8.1 and other portable devices which has ability to store data and access to SkyDrive of user.


Skydrive (OneDrive) Applications are available for downloads free on various platforms.
[highlight color=”blue”]Update: SkyDrive has been renamed to OneDrive due to some legal issues.[/highlight]
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