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Must have WordPress Plugins for blog – Part 1 (Focus – SEO)

by John Bhatt
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If you are blogger, we have been sharing some good and interesting stuffs on our Internet category. If you have missed something, it worth a check. Just go and search for your favourite topic.

We have been using WordPress for this and our other websites since very long period and as per studies, around 40% of website that are live are powered by WordPress.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is super easy. Even beginner with basic computer knowledge can create beautiful and powerful WordPress website with help of themes and scripts available known as Plugins.

Plugins are piece of scripts those are intended to add some specific kind of functionality in your tool or software. In case of WordPress,

WordPress is itself a very popular CMS and WordPress plugins are piece of web scripts those are intended to add some particular feature in the existing website which are not there or limited on default WordPress.

Its easy but there is always a performance issue. If you are using Shared Hosting, there are always limitations of resources and your host might not allow you to use them all.

Also, there are lots of other features those will be necessary for a good blog. Here we are trying to figure some must have plugins for your WordPress.

Don’t afraid, these must have WordPress plugins are completely free and available on WordPress Plugins repository itself and trusted by millions of webmasters across globe.

In this listing, we are trying to include WordPress Plugins those are compulsory and have vital role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect.

EWWW Image Optimizer

We have generally best class or good photos taken from camera or screenshots which this can be compressed to save your bandwidth as well as reduce page loading time for user.

Suppose a file of large 5 MB size taken from a 16 MP camera. But your screen resolution is only HD, then is it actually necessary to load the original image.

If this is done, your page size will be drastically high, and your visitor will get annoyed and there are maximum chances that visitor might leave webpage.

This is one of the major problems for dropping regular visitors. If you check your website in performance testing tool like Page-Speed insights or some other tools, they will suggest you to resize the images so it can loaded faster.

There might be different kind of devices based on user and their screen resolution. Should you edit your image and create multiple size image of same image.

But based on WordPress theme and user’s screen resolution, there might be differences.

So, there is an idea to optimize images. There is a plugin which does the job by resizing images to multiple dimensions so the good one based on users need can be loaded.

This is the only good and trusted free plugin which does the job at its best. There are lots of other plugins available but most of them ask for registration in some other web service or limit usage of 50 or 100 image per month.

While EWWW Image Optimizer doesn’t ask you to register anywhere. You just install and activate and start using.

Must have WordPress Plugins

By the way, it will automatically work for new images, you need not to do any configuration or manual practice.

Yoast SEO

This is the one of most installed SEO plugins and currently tops list with highest average rating based on number of reviewer and also based on active installation.

Yoast SEO offers premium plans but free version available in WordPress repository is also equally powerful.

Keyword Density, Readability and other bad words and instant review of your Article (post or page) by this plugin is displayed just below the editor screen and also indicative button signals.

If you are concerned about SEO, you must have this plugin. Yoast SEO plugin is previously known as WordPress SEO by Yoast.

It is currently installed on more than 1 million WordPress installations and have average rating of 4 based on around 2000 rating.

All in One SEO Pack

This is also one of the most used SEO Plugin. This plugin is also installed more than 1 million times and have similar features as Yoast SEO.

Based on users choice, both plugin have some extra and some less features as compared each other while both are promising and providing continuous updates.

While looking at Average ratings, All In One SEO Pack wins with 4.4 rating but actually the total number of reviewer is around 300 which is too low and if we had enough votes as Yoast, it will be tough to review both and compare.

Broken Link Checker

When we migrate our website or import something, there are many occasions when we have links broken. Also, external links might be changed based on duration of time.

Some websites go down, some may change their permalink structure and many other factors might be reason for links to be broken.

While broken links reduce your website ranking and cause problem in better visibility in search engines.

WP Super Cache

This is a cache plugin from house of WordPress. Correct Automattic Inc is one of the developers of this plugin. When it comes to optimization in consent of shared hosting, or other kind of managed hosting.

Always performance and speed are most worried things.

As being a dynamic web CMS, WordPress gets all requests from user, then posts to Database Engine and if matches, then pulls all resources and displays after rendering them.

This cause lots of server resource consumption when traffic increases. Suppose 1 user makes 5 requests to load a post. Now, if the same post is requested by 1000 visitors at same time, there will be 5000 request which means the server will be too busy processing request and you need a very-very powerful server to handle the load.

While there is possibility, if we can store the HTML version of every post and serve the same page to all users requesting that post, it will save lots of time as static html has nothing much to do with server resources as server side PHP connecting to Database and so on.

WordPress caching came to existence pm the same principle. We had many other plugins which are doing this job. And telling frankly, we have included this plugin by replacing W3 Total Cache plugin.

Other Important WordPress Plugins

This is the one of most used and most powerful caching plugins available. But only reason of replacing that one and including this is very difficult configuration setting of W3 Total Cache.

WP Super Cache is super easy to configure and is completely safe as it comes from WordPress team itself. By using this, you can save lot on Server cost and can make WordPress site 3-5 times faster than non-cached regular WordPress.

There are lot other plugins to consider, such as Regenerate Thumbnails, W3 Total Cache, Sitemap Plugins, and many other social utility plugins.

We will be back with other required plugins later.

Till then, we expect you feedback and views if you don’t agree with our list. Also, if we missed some other must have plugin, please tell us. We will try to have a look and include your suggestions.


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Nikita December 1, 2016 - 4:01 PM

Thanks a lot for the list. It is really difficult for me to select
the perfect WordPress plugin sometimes.

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