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Creating a Static Home Page on Blogger

by John Bhatt
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On the first day of English Calender, lets start with Blogger tip. A lot of us use Blogger as blogging platform. Blogger is self hosted blogging software from Google. It has great tools and uptime and easier interface with lots of Google features integration with custom templates.
But it lacks a feature, you can not set a static home page. In other CMS (Content Management Systems) you have option to set your desired page as homepage so that each-time user visits website, the static welcome page or home page can be served. Blogger does not support this kind of setting.

Lets make a trick with Google so that we can set our desired post as home page.


  1. Sign into blogger account and choose blog for which you want to set a static homepage.
  2. If you have already written that post and published, skip options 3.
  3. Click on New Post button in your Blog Admin section.
    Setting Static Home Page in blogger
  4. After setting your content and page title, Click on Schedule link in right side of compose box.
    Creating static home page in blogger
  5. Set any future date and save. Remember date must be of future, suggested is a year or more future.


The above trick will work on blogger because blogs are sorted according to published date and newer first. So blogger will think that that blog is published in last time and display at top of your blog.
There might be some risk if you are using AdSense with blogger, because the AdSense team randomly checks websites and this might not be according to their policy.
Thanks for reading. Wish you a happy new year once again and better luck ahead.
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