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Data Breach cause Demise of Google Plus in Google family

by John Bhatt
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After a recent data breach that compromised personal data of around 500,000 users, Google has officially shut down (Google Plus) Google+, its another attempt to take on social media. 

The data breach has been caused by the API service given to third party developers which can access data of the users who have authorized them as well as of their friends. Due to this loophole in security or the data providing API, lots of data available on Google Plus platform has been accessed & stored by third party developers. 

The most serious issue was, Google never revealed about this data breach even after they were known the issue. In recent days Facebook has been facing massive difficulty from Oppositions and consumers and Google did not wanted to divert the attention of users. 

Few years, ago, Orkut was the similar product that was shut down by Google and in June 2011, Google+ was officially launched. 

Officially Sunsetting Google+

Key Highlights of the blog post are below as they are from Google Plus team. 

We’re announcing the first four findings and actions from this review today.

Finding 1: There are significant challenges in creating and maintaining a successful Google+ product that meets consumers’ expectations.

Action 1: We are shutting down Google+ for consumers.


This official news and other details about this can be found at official blog post.

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