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Google Publisher – Official AdSense plugin for WordPress

by John Bhatt
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As in our last post, I informed you about the migration from Blogger hosted blog to self hosted WordPress blog, we are almost done. During this migration we have tried hard to fix the probable Errors but still some Page Not Found (Error 404) are present and we are working hard to fix them.

As we previously mentioned, we rely on Google AdSense to get our hosting fees, during this it is required to install AdSense Code in WordPress. But most challenging work is to fit your AdSense size and fill the space available in theme of your website. I have tried many plugins previously but these all have complications and problems with at least on aspect.

Now I got a solution and that is from Google itself. This plugin finds perfect place to put Ads and matches the size available with it. Another benefit is we need not to worry about policies because it is put by Google itself. Also it verifies you as webmaster of the website and you need not to install any code. Just login with Google and rest it does itself.


Click on above image to go to download page.

Now lets have look of its working style.

Screen 1: After installing Plugin, find in Installed Plugin and click on Settings of Google Publisher Plugin or choose from Settings link. You will see following screen after authenticating with Google account.


Screen 2: Click on Manage Ads button. You will see following screens respectively.



Screen3: Google automatically insert 3 Ads slots in your websites most relevant spaces. You can choose their Ad type and size or let is to be decided to Google by choosing Auto. You can also insert ads at other location. Available location will be indicated with a Pointer. Have a look at below screenshot.


As you see in above snapshot, you have option to put Ad slots at your desired place, You can change Ad type and size by clicking Settings icon in left bottom corner or slot.

All the Best and Keep visiting for more cool articles.

Thank you,

John Bhatt


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schmidt25more May 7, 2019 - 6:08 PM

Hi John,

Google closed their plugin in 2017. They recommend using the free plugin Advanced Ads (https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ads/) now. You should give it a try and avoid sticky AdSense ads because this can result in a ban of your account.

Best regards,

John Bhatt May 9, 2019 - 7:49 PM

Thanks for reading and sharing your views. You are absolutely correct about the termination of Google Publisher plugin.
But, now google is recommending Auto Ads and hence no further plugin is required.


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