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Google Meet free for Individuals, 100 persons, no time limit till 30 Sept

by John Bhatt
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Google Meet (earlier Hangout Meet) is now free for all Google users. Earlier today, Google has announced in their official blog. Till September 30, the 60 minutes limitation per session has been lifted and you can host meeting as long as you want and store in Google Drive.

Starting in early May, anyone with an email address can sign up for Meet and enjoy many of the same features available to our business and education users, such as simple scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference, including an expanded tiled view. 

Google Blog Post

Signup Form for Google Meet Free

Google Meet is not available immediately, but it will be rolled out starting early next week. For early access you can fill a form and move yourself ahead in queue. Click here to fill signup form.

Features for Google Meet Free

Google Meet Free edition will be available for everyone. Anyone can schedule or host meeting and can invite anybody to join their meeting.

Google Meet signup confirmation
Google Meet Free Registration confirmation for early access
  • Maximum participant per meeting will be 100 persons.
  • Only Registered Google Users will be able to join. No guest or unknown can attend.
  • We provide a strong set of host controls such as the ability to admit or deny entry to a meeting, and mute or remove participants, if needed.
  • Maximum limit for single meeting will be 60 minutes however, it will be applied only after 30th September 2020 due to ongoing crisis.
  • No plugin required. Separate app for iOS & Android. Works on major browser on PC.

How to Join or Create Meeting?

All you have to do is visit https://meet.google.com and you have option to Join Meeting or Present. If you have already been invited to meeting, you will get your invitations in Join Meeting button and if you wish to create new meeting, can do so in Google Meet Free edition.

Google Meet free for Individuals, 100 persons, no time limit till 30 Sept 1
Google Meet Free Demo © Google Blog

As most of the countries has imposed lockdown, Work from Home culture have surged the scope of video conference apps. Zoom has gained the most of it and has been at the center of controversy due to data breach and very weak security measure. While everyone major player is trying to make best out of this situation and making Google Meet free is one of the results.

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