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How to Delete Uncategorized Category in WordPress

by John Bhatt
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Let’s come back to WordPress tutorials. We have a small but a most important which creates frustration sometimes. When we start with WordPress, there is a default category named Uncategorized. The frustrating thing about this category is we can not delete this one. We can rename it to something else.

Deleting Uncategorized category?

Ok we do that. But suppose you are migrating your WordPress from one host to another host. You have exported file from earlier installation which have all the information about your Posts, Tags, Category ad other media structures as well as formatting.

Lets understand it more clear by having look at below Category Editing Page in WordPress admin.

Uncategorized Category

As you can see in about screenshot, there is no Trash command. You can simply Edit the category and there are no posts inside that category.

Why we can’t delete this Category?

There is a reason why we can’t delete this category. This category is set as Default Category for new posts and mails in WordPress settings.

To change these settings follow below path.

Go to Settings > Writing > Default Category for New Post + Mails > Default Category


Just change the default category from your existing ones so the Drafts and new posts will be directly saved in that category. I have made change in the listing and saved the changes.

Let’s have look at the first Image we have shown this article, Category Editing Page.


So, here you have done it.

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