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Easy Guide to Google Duo for Web! How to use Google Duo on Computer in 3 steps?

by John Bhatt
Google Duo for Web - Initiating New Call

Today, Google has announced updates to Google Duo and released Google Duo for Web with increased user limits. In August & September 2016, Google Introduced Google Duo & Google Allo, two messenger applications targeted for Video Calling & Voice Calling.

While Google Allo is now dead for more than 1 year, but Google Duo has been integrated with Android more aggressively for Video Calling.

Google Duo on for Group Video Call

In phones where Carrier Video Calling option is not available, Google Duo provides option to Video Call number if the recipient has Duo activated in their phone. This feature has been integrated into Google Dialer and Google Duo is shipped with Android One devices. Google Dialer recently received update which now allows to record calls without using any third-party application.

Recently Google Duo is updated with maximum twelve participant in a group call. These changes are done in effect of Work-From-home and social distancing measures.

How to Access Google Duo for Web?

Follow below procedure to access Google Duo for Web.

Google Duo for Web App
  • Visit duo.google.com on your browser and Try Duo for web button.
  • Login with your Google Account.
  • Select Contact to initiate a call or you can receive a call also.
  • Allow permission for Camera & Microphone of your computer.
Google Duo for Web - Initiating New Call

Supported Browsers for Google Duo for Web

Google Duo for Web is available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari. You will receive unsupported browser message if you try to access from other browsers than above.

Google Duo for Web - Unsupported Browser

Using above steps, you can access Video Calling on your computer with the help of Google Duo for Web. Let us know, it this method worked, or you face any difficulty making it work. Till then, share the good words with your friends & family and let the love spread. Thank you in advance.

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