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Creating Website : Step by Step – Step 1

by John Bhatt
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We are starting a new chain of articles which will be intended to describe the process of website creating. Here we will share a to z information about creating website, registering domain, purchasing hosting, publishing files, customizing your website with various tools, information and guide about Content Management Systems (CMS) and all kind of other useful tips which be helpful if you are willing to create a website.

Creating a websiteWhen we search on Google for how to create a website, there are various links and advertisements. Lots of companies offer different prices and offers to attract customers which led users to pay a lot of amount and waste their time also.

Some basic topics those will be covered in this article chain will be below:

Website Creation:

Creating a website is first part of your being online process. However, there are a lot of tools or software available to create a website, we expect you should have average level knowledge of HTML, CSS and other web scripting languages used to create a webpage. Website is collection of webpages linked together to form a useful collection of information.

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Domain Registration:

Domain is a simpler name of IP address. In computing it can be defined as “The part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.” As we have read, each computer in world has almost unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, to access a particular computer, we have to remember its IP address which is difficult and not easy. To overcome, there is a authority named  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is also known as ICANN and governs the domain registration process and make it unique so conflict of domain can be finished.

Website Hosting:

Now, once you created a website, got a domain name, the last step of your online presence is website hosting. In computing, Hosting term is used to serve webpages from a computer which is connected to internet. You have to purchase a space on any of online servers which can server webpages you created. There are several kind of hosting packages based on needs of user and infrastructure, location etc.

We will cover all on detail about these topics in our coming articles about Creating Website. Till then keep tuned.

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