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Get Free SSL Certificate – Fully Valid Domain Validation SSL Certificate

by John Bhatt
Free SSL Certificates


We have previously covered few basics of about Internet in our how to series. SSL Certificates are very important for encrypting data between visitor and server. In this article, we are going to share how to get Free SSL Certificate for your website.

Whenever there is need of processing visitor data like credit cards or other sensitive information, the owner has to make sure that the data is not being compromised between the transmission.

To ensure this safety and assure security to visitor, website owner needs to install a valid SSL Certificate.

Why SSL Certificate is Required?

We have discussed one aspect in above paragraph, Other most important factor is Google Search Engine ranking.

Since Google has announced back in August 2014, SSL as a ranking signal, the SSL Certificate have become also mandatory for the blogger and business owner who are not processing sensitive data from visitor.

What is Average Cost of SSL Certificate?

Ok, we got it, why we need this. But when it comes to pricing, we all have own limitations and budget to spend with. Being a freelancer or part-time blogger, you can’t afford SSL certificate unless you get plenty of money from your parents.

If you are just passionate blogger who loves to share own creations and works on Internet, you might not be able to spend that much amount in SSL. Lets have a look at below chart.

Provider NameDomain Validation Certficate / Per YearOrganization Validation Certificate / Per YearExtended Validation Certificate / Per Year
GoDaddy$ 69.99$ 99.99$ 149.99
Comodo$ 76.95$ 199.50
DigiCert$ 175.00$ 295.00
Thawte$ 149.00$ 299.00
RapidSSL$ 59.00
GeoTrust$ 149.00$ 199.00$ 299.00

* This is indicate price taken from official websites for the period of 1 year. However the reseller might be providing at less price than above. We will also write a separate article about which site offers cheapest SSL certificates.

How to get Free SSL Certificate?

Let’s get to process of getting FREE SSL Certificate from SSLFORFREE.COM.

Mozilla Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation and University of Michigan formed an new Certificate Authority named Let’s Encrypt in 2014 which will be helping for making web more secure and started their operation in 2016.

Currently Let’s Encrypt is issuing only Domain Validation certificate but their plan is to include Wildcard Certificate in 2018.

Let’s Encrypt is has tools for generating SSL Certificate but it is bit complex and newer user is not able to generate certificate.

Here comes SSLForFree.com which can generate and issue Free SSL Certificate by using GUI methods in Browser and validating domain using multiple methods.

We have made a video on how to create free SSL certificate. You can visit it in YouTube for free.

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