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Want to start YouTube? How to create YouTube channel in 3 steps?

by John Bhatt
How To Create YouTube Channel? Complete Beginners Guide in 3 Steps

This is an article on continuation of How to Internet series, if you have not read our previous articles, please follow above link. We will learn how to Create YouTube channel in this article.

When it comes to learning, best way to learn is audio-visual method. Earlier, the learning process is either shared via Books or face-to-face classes. With the ease of technology, things have changed and now people prefer to communicate & learn via Audio-Visual method.

Being the most effective way, this saves lots of time and fastens learning process with better understanding. In current days, YouTube is the best way for sharing knowledge or learning new things.

If you have below objective or plans, this article is for you.

  1. You want to share your knowledge with public.
  2. You want to Create YouTube channel, either as Hobby or as Profession.

What is YouTube?

When we talk about YouTube, let’s start with introduction & history of YouTube. YouTube is launched on February 14th, 2005 by three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. YouTube is online video-sharing site which allows its users to upload video and hosts for free. Google bought YouTube on November 2006 for $1.65 Billion. Now YouTube is a subsidiary of Google.

YouTube is available on Internet as free to use and to upload content, you have to create a account. Below is the address of YouTube website. You can also browse YouTube via any of applications available on Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick and other digital steaming devices and some third party application which offer device-wise support using inbuilt browser.

Which is first Video on YouTube?

Published by one if founder Jawed Karim, Me at the Zoo is the first ever video uploaded on YouTube. This video set example for YouTube platform about what kind of videos users can upload. Below is the video .

As per data released in May 2019, every minute YouTube users upload video content of more than 500 hours length combined which is increasing day by day.

How to create YouTube channel?

Earlier, there was possibility to create YouTube Channel without using Google account but now, you can only access YouTube using your Google Account. Google/YouTube wants you to identify via your YouTube channel. So if you are Google user and using YouTube for first time, it asks for creating a channel.

Create YouTube account for fist time user
Create Channel option on YouTube

Once you click on Create a Channel link as in above screenshot, it ask you to select an option.

  1. Do you want to create YouTube channel with same name & image as in your Google Account?
  2. Or you want to create YouTube channel for your brand or other business with custom name & details.

Either way, you will be owner of the Channel but both have different features for account management, brand account can have multiple managers and owners to help your channel. Also you can create different channels for your different types of needs. Its on you & your requirement. Lets understand with below example.

Who is Creator in YouTube?

Every person who creates video content and uploads on YouTube is Creator. Now you are also going to be a YouTube creator by following below simple steps.

Which type of channel you should create? Personal or Brand?

Personal : You are an artist. You create music, sing songs and want to upload this content by your name which is already in your Google account, you choose first option, If you select first option, then there is no more steps, just put channel description and some social links and you are good to go.

Brand : You have an institute of school which provides training on different aspects. Lets assume, you provide Computer Training for students and working professional, also you train students for competitive exams. You may wish to upload your educational content for different type of audience in different channel. Which will help you manage content well and increase engagement based on requirement of viewer. In this case you will chose second option and can even create more channels when needed.

Want to start YouTube? How to create YouTube channel in 3 steps? 11
Account Setting Page for YouTube brand account

Now, you have created your YouTube channel, lets move to next step which is to upload content.

Upload and Publish your content on YouTube

You can upload your content using Browser or YouTube application. Lets have look at the upload button on Browser & Android app as well.

YouTube - Upload your first video Browser App

In the right side of your screen, there is a projector sign with plus inside, click on this button to bring Upload menu. Based on subscriber count, feature may vary for channels. Just click on Upload video link to start uploading your first video on YouTube.

YouTube - Upload your first video Mobile App

When you click on Upload Video button, you will get a page similar to below. YouTube Studio app is designed for publishers to manage & publish their content. You can add YouTube exclusive features in your video like End-screens, subtitles etc from here.

YouTube - Uplaod your video on Browser.

Once you select your video, you will be prompted with procedure to set meaning full title for your video, description, tags, copyright settings, recording date & place, category of video etc.

Basic Features of YouTube Studio

  1. Add music tracks.
  2. Add Subtitles for multiple languages.
  3. Set privacy options.
  4. Group video by according to Playlist
  5. Add End Screen (next/previous video & subscribe button) & Cards (for useful links in your video)
  6. Set license, Category, Language option for broader reach.
  7. Other controls like Comments, allowing community contributions etc
  8. Option to set Custom Thumbnail which will be shown before playing video.

Once you set all these steps, you can finally hit the Publish button to make your video available on YouTube.

What to do after publishing your first video on YouTube?

Well, the hard job is now. Creating content is not enough until you have visitors. YouTube is flooded with variety of content and if you don’t find proper audience, your content may not appear in search. Also, getting more visitors and engagement encourages publishers and helps them to make content more better.

So share your video among your friends and ask them to subscribe to your newly created channel. Share link on your social media profiles and appeal for watching and providing feedback.

What is next?

In this article, we told you how to create YouTube channel. While you create YouTube channel (if not already created) and publish few engaging posts, we will get back to you with more methods to help you get more visitors and more subscribers.

To get more subscribers, your videos should look professional and have nicely edited. These type of software tools are called Video Editors and we will share guides in upcoming posts about different Video Editing tools for beginners.

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