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Remove Author Box in Multi Author WordPress Blog

by John Bhatt
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Lets come back to our Technical Tips section. If you are blogger, you must have heard of WordPress. WordPress is a CMS which we earlier introduced in a post title Custom Admin Style for WordPress. WordPress is widely used Blogging software which is available on both mode, hosted or self hosted.

Today I am going to talk about self hosted (downloaded script and installed in your own server) WordPress. Now I suppose you use or planning to use WordPress in future.

This article will be applicable on below conditions.

  • You use WordPress CMS for blogging.
  • You have multiple users and more than one user write blog there.
  • You have filled Author Bio field in My Profile under Users menu.
  • You are using to custom plugin to display Author information below post because Default theme do not have options to display Social Profiles and other info for author. I use Fancier Author Box.

Lets have a look what happens when there is a plugin and theme default author box displayed.

Remove WordPress AuthorBox

For example, I have taken a screen from this blog. Above is author box generated by Plugin I mentioned in above line. Below is WordPress default about author box.

Lets move how to remove WordPress default About Author box or Author Meta box. Do not ask me how to disable above author box, you can simple deactivate plugin from installed plugins list.

Login to your WordPress Admin and click on Editor under Appearance section. From right side and Search for content-single.php which is responsible for showing individual posts which is the page where Author Box is displayed. Have a look at below screen to be more clear.

WordPress Theme EditorNow use Ctrl+F and find below line.

[php]<?php get_template_part(‘author-box’); ?>[/php]

Just remove that line and click on Update File button in last of page. Now refresh your blog page and check there should not be default about author box. But, some developer might have put condition to check function name which might cause your theme crash and not load posts. We will suggest alternative method for that too in later posts.

Some theme developer might have modified the function name but this will be just above these lines.
<?php comments_template( ”, true ); ?>
Now lets have a look at final output that is produced in this blog.
WordPress Author Box
Today, we learn how to remove WordPress Author Meta Box that comes with default WordPress theme and most of themes and use Author Box plugins for that purpose.
Here you go. Just as required, now there is no default WordPress Author Meta Box.
Thanks for reading, feedback and suggestion are welcome.

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