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Send Web Push Notification for free – Blogging Tools

by John Bhatt
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Are you a webmaster or blogger? Are you not getting proper web traffic? There are lots of method to attract visitor to your website. We are not going to talk about all here. But surely, I will tell you about one most crucial method.

Have you heard of Push Notification? No? Well, What if we say, you have heard of and you know what is it. Nowadays, almost everyone works on Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.  Browsing internet is not a good experience until you use any of above. While accessing Facebook or some other social website, in the top left corner, did it asked you about some permission? Have you read it about allowing or blocking?

Push Notifications

Don’t use Facebook, no problem. While using Google, WhatsApp Web or any other messaging service, did it asked for permission to notify you when there is new message and you see a small rectangular notification box near right bottom corner?

There are lots of Plugins in WordPress respiratory claiming they can send push notifications. But there are always issues and limitations. Difficult configuration and paid plans etc always put a question mark before implementing. We found a good service that works without plugin also and have a great plugin that support unlimited push notification to unlimited members. There are no restriction on using this service, a powerful dashboard for tracking your campaigns and viewing the reach of your notifications.

The name of this service is iZooto. iZooto us free push notification service provided and can be used in any platform. You just have to add a tracking JavaScript code to your footer section and that’s it. Now you can create and push, schedule campaigns from iZooto panel. There is no limitation and you can customize your notification fully. From custom Icon to title and content, even more you can add Buttons, parameters for tracking reports.

Recently, they have created a WordPress plugin, that works and integrates with WordPress seamlessly and sends a web push notification as soon as new content is published based on pre-defined template. If you wish to share some important announcement to your users, the best tool to use is their dashboard, with custom image such as your logo or product images or event photo and title, link and description. Even their dashboard support 10 Indian Languages, 4 other international languages apart from English.

iZooto_Panel push web notification

We will be post a step by step video soon on how to use iZooto for sending web push notification on PYarBTV. Do not forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive the updates of week and subscribe us on YouTube to get notified whenever we post new video related to technology that powers us. Do not forget to share good news among friends. Don’t use alone, let them use too.

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