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Welcome to New Google Plus

by John Bhatt
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Hello Everyone,Just before someday, I have updated you about the New Layout of Facebook. Today I am updating you about another Top most used Social Network from Google.

No, don’t think about Orkut (you still remember), it is Google Plus. Google has recently changed Google Plus to Multi-column Layout. There is one Main Navigation Column as previous version but It is not Collapsible and HTML5. Google Plus is now using HTML5 and CSS3  which bring a HD display and many interesting features.

Welcome to New Google Plus 3
New Features:
  • Main Navigation is Collapses when you Click on home Button.
  • Live Feeds are filtered according to the category you select with Post-Back which is Static when Page is Scrolled Down (Fixed position).
  • Multi-Column Layout to fit Maximum content.
  • New Improved Share Box with Ajax Popup. Just Zooms in Click, Lovely.
Welcome to New Google Plus 4
These are just some of the Graphical or UI Changes that are visible. Many more great Features are added on Events, Posting and other Security.
Hope you will switch to Google Plus if you are still Hanging on Facebook. By the way, I am also there, you can add me on your Circle, My Profile is +John Bhatt
All the Best and enjoy.


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