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WhatsApp has Two billion users

by John Bhatt

WhatsApp one of the Most Popular messaging app which is now owned by Facebook. Or you can simply call it WhatsApp from Facebook.

We have previously shared some news and tips about using WhatsApp messenger. You can find all articles related to WhatsApp messanger by clicking here.

Today, WhatsApp announced on Blog post titled Two Billion Users — Connecting the World Privately, WhatsApp has officially confirmed that their user count has crossed two billion.

Download WhatsApp, WhatsApp users count two billion global

Or you can follow http://whatsapp.com/dl to automatically get WhatsApp from your supported App Store.

While WhatsApp has been always supportive of Privacy and Encryption for users messaging.

Because Facebook is target of many data leaks and hacks, WhatsApp users and industry analysts worry about data safety.

After Facebook’s acquisition, many changes and improvements happened over the period.

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