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Australian researchers claim fastest internet speed ever, 44.2 tbps can fill 4 largest sized HDDs in a second

by John Bhatt
44.2 tbps Internet Speed setup

Researchers in Australia in a latest experiment about internet bandwidth achieved data transfer rate of 44.2 tbps (nearly 44,200 Mbps). This test was conducted using a dedicated fiber optic network used by research and education institutions, with the transmission being sent from the RMIT lab on Swanston St in Melbourne’s CBD to Monash University’s campus at Clayton through a 76.6 kilometer loop of fiber-optic cables.

The new record speed of 44.2tbps (terabits per second) shattered the previous record of 30.1tbps, and the chip used in the latest test is said to have used less than half the spectrum.

The current achieved highest speed 44.2 terabits per second can download more than 1000 HD movies in less than a second. This means you will be tired of connecting hard disk drives before download finishes.

Setup for 44.2 tbps internet

44.2 tbps Internet Speed setup
a. Illustration of the soliton crystal state used in this paper. We infer from the generated spectrum that the state was a single temporal defect crystal across the ring. The state had a characteristic ‘scalloped’ micro-comb spectrum, corresponding to the single temporal defect crystal state. b Photograph of the fibre-optic packaged micro-ring resonator chip used for soliton crystal generation. The full chip is 5 mm × 9 mm, of which we use devices and access waveguides on ~  ¼ of the area. The AUD $2 coin (20.5 mm diameter) shown for scale is similar in size to a USD nickel or a 10 Euro cent coin. Inset is a microscope image of the ring resonator element, with a scale bar. Visible distortions are due to an overlayer of glue from the fibre array. c Experimental setup. A CW laser, amplified to 1.8 W, pumped a 48.9 GHz FSR micro-ring resonator, producing a micro-comb from a soliton crystal oscillation state. The comb was flattened and optically demultiplexed to allow for modulation, and the resulting data optically multiplexed before the subsequent transmission through fibres with EDFA amplification. At the receiver, each channel was optically demultiplexed before reception. ECL edge-coupled laser, WSS wavelength-selective switch, Rx receiver.
Reference: Nature.com

While current highest speed available for public consumer is in Gbps, most of countries are still using broadband and average internet speed lies below 5 Mbps in many countries. This currently achieved highest speed (44.2 tbps) can be thousands time faster than the current available highest internet for public.

What is your Internet Speed and what is the fastest you have seen? Do let us know in the comments and share your view on this news.

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