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Extensions for Microsoft Edge available to Insiders

by John Bhatt

While in beginning when Microsoft announced Microsoft Edge back before the launch of Windows 10, we thought edge will not have extensions. That’s because however extensions give power to use the features those are not bundled with application itself but at the same time, If extensions are developed for evil intentions, they give a lot of pain.

On this Microsoft has mentioned below lines in their blog.

“As we have also shared, one of our highest priorities is to ensure that Microsoft Edge is the safest, most reliable and fastest browser we could build, and our experience over the past 20 years has taught us that poorly written or even malicious add-ons were a huge source of security, reliability and performance issues for browsers.”

Recently Microsoft Edge team has blogged about the introduction of Extensions for Edge. Currently Extensions for Edge are only available to Windows Insiders and as they were fully tested, they will be available via Windows Store when you upgrade the Windows 10 build.

Extensions for Edge

Initially Microsoft has launched three extensions with this new build of Windows Insiders preview. Three of them are shown in above screenshot. However, Microsoft has named some big and very famous extensions in Google Chrome like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, Evernote, LostPass and Amazon in this list which will be soon added by the respective developers.

We have to wait and watch on the security and how Microsoft deal with other vulnerable extensions which has overtook Chrome to crash a system in some cases.

Source: Bringing Extensions to Microsoft Edge
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