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Google releases Android 11 Developer Preview 4, Android 11 beta to launch on 3rd June

by Deepthi Sharma
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The Android 11 Developer Preview 4 is an incremental update for stability and performance to help developers plan final testing and releases. Pixel phone users on the Android Developer Preview 3 will receive Android 11 Developer Preview 4 over-the-air.

Because this is an early build, it may be prone to several bugs. Thereby, it is recommended to not flash a Developer Preview on your primary device unless you know what you are doing.

Android 11 Developer preview 4 (DP4) Availability

Android 11 Developer Preview 4 (DP4) system images are available for the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL, as well as in the Android Emulator.

If you already have Android R Developer Preview 3 installed, an over-the-air (OTA) will be rolling out, with the Android Flash Tool also an option.

How to download Android 11?

Here you will find how to download Android 11 through the following Link.

Download Android 11

Features in Android 11 Developer Preview 4?

  • Android 11 DP4 may have various stability, battery, or performance issues on supported devices.
  • Android 11 DP4 may not be appropriate for daily use.
  • Android 11 DP4 are not Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) approved, but they have passed preliminary testing and provide a stable set of prerelease APIs for developers. Apps that depend on CTS-approved builds or use SafetyNet APIs might not work normally on Android 11 DP4.
Android R Developer Preview 3

User Faced Issues

For users Face Unlock can no longer be set up on a device that is running Android 10 if the device was running the Android 11 DP4 and then is flashed back to Android 10.


  • The location services icon is no longer shown in the status bar while location services are not in use.
  • Icons in the status bar no longer run over the edge on certain devices.

App compatibility changes

The following changes related to app compatibility are included in Developer Preview 4:

Starting in Developer Preview 4, Android 11 will no longer install apps that use a compressed resources.arsc file. In general, apps should not compress the resources .arsc file because it significantly increases the amount of RAM used by devices. This change is restricted to apps that are targeting Android 11, but developers should migrate to using an uncompressed resources.arsc file as soon as possible.

Starting in Developer Preview 4, apps that want to access phone numbers through the TelephonyManager.getLine1Number() and TelecomManager.getLine1Number() methods must request the READ_PHONE_NUMBERS permission. For more information, see the Phone numbers section in the guide about permissions updates in Android 11.


Android 11 Developer Preview 4 (DP4) (RPP4.200409.015) is officially for developers only​ and not intended for daily or consumer use. It’s available via manual download and flashing, with the Android Beta coming later.

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