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Microsoft Edge release date : 15/01/2020, Chromium powered Edge will release for public on 15 January 2020

by John Bhatt

These days, Microsoft Edge is on news everywhere. Few days ago, we heard about Microsoft changing Logo of its new browser (Microsoft Edge) built using Chromium Engine. Now we have answer for question, When will be Microsoft Edge release happen for public?

Now, with the RC (Release Candidate) build for Enterprises, Microsoft has announced few more features which will be in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and also shared expected timeline to release for general public.

Microsoft Edge release will be on 15th of January, 2020. Which is expected to have few more features as compared to earlier known.

Internet Explorer Mode : To support legacy sites with privacy concerns, there will be Internet Explorer mode, which is expected to draw few more customer whose company users Secure Legacy Web Applications targeted for Internet Explorer browser. IE mode supports the following Internet Explorer functionality.

  • All document modes and enterprise modes.
  • ActiveX controls
  • Browser Helper Objects
  • Internet Explorer settings and Group Policies that affect the security zone settings and Protected Mode
  • IEChooser
  • (Limited functionality) Microsoft Edge extensions

Automated Testing : As this browser will be using Chromium all the existing tools those are supported by Chrome browser are also supported in Microsoft Edge (Chromium Engine version). Popular testing platforms like Selenium WebDriver and Puppeteer will be supported.

Microsoft Edge New Logo

Microsoft Edge will be available for Windows & Mac and this build version 79 is the final version before public release on 15 January 2020.

If you are interested to try new browser from Microsoft, you can download Microsoft Edge from link below. Edge is still in beta so, there might be some chances of bugs which is frequent for under development software.

Microsoft Edge is currently available in three channels, Canary, Dev & Beta.

Canary channel gets updated builds daily and most unstable one. Dev channel gets updated build every week and very few bugs. And final beta channel gets new build every six week and is the final build before public release, most stable among above builds.

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