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Mobiles with Dual OS Boot : Future of Smartphone

by John Bhatt
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You use computers, there is option for Dual Boot if you wish. You can boot Windows and Linux from same computer without formatting. Multiple Operating Systems can be installed in same hard disk and used one by one. You can reboot and choose operating system of your choice. Lets have a look at below screen. I have installed Windows 7 and Windows 10 TP in same computer. Whenever I start computer, it asks me which OS to load.

Dual Boot Operation System Selection Windows 7This screen is produced from Windows Boot Manager for Windows 7. Just as here you have capability of Operating System selection in a Computer, why can’t you select OS on mobile device. I always have a question on my mind, that is,

When will be Dual Boot Mobile available in Market? Can we run Windows and Android on Same Device without any extra tricks?

Well when I searched over Internet, this topic has been raised earlier and there were rumors that some mobile manufacturers are working to deliver dual boot mobile to consumers but actually that did not happened.

DualBoot Image

But, seems it will happen soon. Technology Giant Microsoft has registered a patent on 7th April 2015.

Lets have main extract from the patent itself by courtesy of United States Patent & Trademark office Website.

A system that facilitates different levels of operating system (OS) boot so as to provide users with rapid access to certain mobile device functionalities, security, applications, etc. is provided. An OS can be loaded in phases or stages commensurate with policies, preferences, actions, context, etc. Similarly, a particular OS or group of OSs can be loaded to address a particular scenario or requirement.

Dual Boot Mobile Screen

Image Source – United States Patent and Trademark Office Website

After this patent, Microsoft is encouraging their hardware partners to produce dual boot mobiles. Let’s expect soon manufacturers will start producing and testing compatibility of Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android in same device and allow us to install both OS in same device or produce dual boot mobile with benchmark hardware.

We have also heard from sources, Microsoft is developing a ROM for Windows 10 that can be flashed in Android and currently being tested with Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi’s MI4. Xiaomi official forum has confirmed this message with title [Lounge] Windows Phone 10.0 for Mi 4 Announced. What Other ROMs Do You Want to See?.


1. United States Patent & Trademark Office – 9003173
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