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Thank You Microsoft Paint (mspaint) – Officially out from core Windows 10 apps

by John Bhatt
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Today, the world of tech news is being poured with only one topic and that is Microsoft’s eldest son, Paint.

Microsoft released Paint on its first version of their super successful Operating system, Windows version 1.0 in 1984.

Now Microsoft has published a blog post on their official blog regarding the separation of the their longest running Windows application.

Post titled, MS Paint is here to stay – MS Paint fans rejoice: The original art app isn’t going anywhere – except to the Windows Store for free!. made the world express their sorrow and memories related to Paint app.

I can remember, when I started learning computer, the first thing that was illustrated and instructed to us was using Microsoft Paint. On the initial days of Windows XP,

Paint was quite developed and we used to make house using shapes and fill with colors using toolboxes.

Sometimes using pencil tool to just do anything can create a beautiful and meaningful clip. This one is example of one of such scratches made during the bored time.

This is a painting made by me.

Posted by Prithvi Raj Bhatt on Monday, 27 December 2010

The all new Paint 3D will replace existing Microsoft Paint starting from Fall Creators Update on Windows 10 releasing this fall.

32 year of service, now on Windows Store to Rest In Peace.

However Microsoft has assured classic Paint will be available through Windows Store. So, we will be able to get it whenever we need but, need to download from Store.

Therefore, start adjusting and learning Paint 3D for your routing work.

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