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Voice & Video calls on WhatsApp Desktop available now

by John Bhatt

WhatsApp has released new update allowing Voice and Video calls on WhatsApp desktop. Users have to download the latest version of WhatsApp to be able to use this feature. Read complete post about the feature and which device will support and which will not.

Since last few months, WhatsApp has been teasing feature to support Voice & Video calls from WhatsApp Desktop. Today in a tweet, WhatsApp has announced the availability of the feature.

Where to download WhatsApp desktop?

Voice and Video calls on WhatsApp Desktop are rolled in the latest version of WhatsApp Desktop. To download the WhatsApp Desktop, visit below link.

WhatsApp Desktop version that support Voice & Video calls on WhatsApp Desktop
WhatsApp Desktop version that support Voice & Video call on WhatsApp Desktop

How to call from WhatsApp desktop?

After you have installed WhatsApp desktop, follow the tutorial to pair with your WhatsApp on mobile. How to use WhatsApp Web? Step by Step Guide. Pairing with WhatsApp desktop is exactly similar to pairing with WhatsApp web.

Now, open the contact you want to calls on WhatsApp desktop. You will see Voice & Video call icon on the top right corner of Contact.

Voice Calls on WhatsApp Desktop

Are Video/Voice calls on WhatsApp Desktop secure?

According to the notification, the Voice & Video calls are end-to-end encrypted and no one can decrypt and hence make it equally secure as on WhatsApp mobile.

What can you do while making calls from WhatsApp Desktop?

  1. You can make a voice call to user.
  2. You can choose your Input & Output device for Audio in your PC.
  3. Once, user have answered call, you can request Video Call by clicking the Video icon.
  4. You can make video call to user (Webcam needed).
Different functionality available while making call on WhatsApp Desktop

I am not seeing option in my WhatsApp desktop? What should I do?

If you are not seeing any such icons in the header of contact in WhatsApp Desktop or you question is Why can’t I see Call buttons on WhatsApp desktop in my PC, below is the most common reason.

You are using WhatsApp business. For now, this feature is limited to WhatsApp Messenger, not WhatsApp business. If you are not using any special feature of WhatsApp Business, you can migrate to WhatsApp Messenger after taking backup of your messages.

UPDATE: Voice & Video Calling is working for WhatsApp Business users in WhatsApp Desktop.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

If you are using WhatsApp Messenger and are facing any difficulty making Voice/video calls from WhatsApp desktop, please let us know.

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