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How to Check EPF Claim Withdrawal status?

by Deepthi Sharma
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Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) better known  in short form as PF is a service started by government for better future of Employee of all organizations.

With the digitization of government services, Ministry of Labor has introduced and developed most of services of PF online.

You just have to register and verify your identity as PF account holder and you can change your mobile, upload your KYC documents, transfer PF, merge multiple PF account to single account, file withdrawal & claim process online and check the progress too.

Today, we are going to share the procedure of checking PF claim withdrawal status online.

However, you can withdraw PF online but this depends on your Employer. Until Employer verifies your documents and identity registered with PF office, you will not be able to start withdrawal procedure. In such situation, you have options to fill PF claim withdrawal Forms with all other required forms and send them to previous Employer. Then the authorized person signs the documents and verifies.

In some good organization, Employer goes to PF office and submits file. In some organization, HR Manager ask you to fill PF Claim withdrawal form at the time of your relieving, so they can submit the letter to PF office after scheduled time and your amount get disbursed without any delay and problem.

In some employers, we have seen that, HR signs and attests the document and then returns to Employee. He/she have to go to PF office and submit document and form themselves. Below is the process of checking PF claim withdrawal status after submitting documents and forms to PF office.

Step 1: Follow the link to official EPFO webpage to start.

PF Claim Withdrawal Status
PF Claim Withdrawal Status

Step 2: Select the EPFO state and choose office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number. This can be identified by the beginning five characters of your PF account number.

PF Claim withdrawal
PF Claim Withdrawal Status

Step 3: Once you are in screen above, put your (organization) Establishment code (first 7 digits), then your extension (next three digits) and then your PF account number (maximum 7 digits) and click submit button.

If you are from Nepal or know someone from Nepal and having issues with opening Bank Account in India, please read our guide by following below link.

By the mean time, EPFO sends SMS message containing the status of PF claim withdrawal status to registered mobile number.

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