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Feeling Great – Thanks once again

by John Bhatt
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I have started this blog just for making fun. I was not serious about blogging and even unaware also. In the early days of my internet journy, I created lots of Free websites provided by most of companies and with their own subdomains. When GeoCites (Yahoo’s free hosting service) was about to shut down, I have started to search alternative. I came to know about Blogger and registered a blog named pyarb.blogspot.com. I have just posted some funny posts, you can still see in Archieves on starting days.
On 11th July 2012, I received 10,000 visitors for my blog. During this span, I have learned a lot and registered my own domain also. But I was still using Free hosting and gpEasy, WordPress, Joomla or some other PHP based cms to post blogs. When there was some problem with web hosting provider, blog becomes unavailable and I feel very frustrated. Then I continued writing my posts here. Most of posts with other CMS has been lost so this is somehow empty. One best thing about Blogger is it is Free and always up. Also being a Google product it is easy to share and make available to web.
Some milestones.

Feeling Great - Thanks once again 2

Received 10K visitors on July 2012.
Now we are about to get 50K visitors.

I was earlier using blog.johnbhatt.com as url of website. Then I switched it to www.prithviraj.com.np which was somehow not confortable for search engine and visitors also. Then I registered a domain name www.pyarb.com and copied all blogs in one place. Then the most difficult task was to redirect all users and all existing link to new domain in case of blogger where we don’t have access to .htaccess file. Then I found a method to Redirect user to new domain from older domain and now all existing links and bookmarks are also working fine.

I am very thankful to each and every visitor who have been through this website. Please provide your feedback and suggestions. This will help me on further improvement.
+John Bhatt 

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