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Opening Bank Account in India for Nepali Citizen [Updated – June 2018]

by John Bhatt
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This is an extension to our most helping article of all time. Since we wrote that article around starting of 2013.

How Can a Nepali citizen open Bank Account in Indian Bank with Nepali Documents?

On that article, we have shared the process of getting account with the help of Nepal Embassy in New Delhi.

  1. Visit Nepal Embassy with original Citizenship Card issued by Nepal Government.
  2. Apply for attestation and verification of Citizenship and get a letter issued from Embassy which can tell verify your identity and being a government Identity. That was the most valuable approved letter any Bank or institution can ask or get for.

Now, situations are changed. The AADHAAR card system has taken over India and now bank and other financial institutions ask for AADHAAR number and PAN number.

As the earlier process is not being accepted and many our our friends have been asking and sending their queries, we tried to contact Indian Government Officials through various mediums but could not get any response.

When we went to Nepal Embassy to ask help in this regard. they have suggested us a method and we are sharing that here.


Step 1: Get Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar Disclosure regarding enrollment of any foreign national

Aadhaar Disclosure regarding enrollment of any foreign national.

Yeh! you know, this is not Aadhaar card but this is the Enrollment Form. This updated form is available at Official UIDAI website.

We have personally spoke to Embassy of Nepal in India officials and  they said there is no legal issue holding Aadhaar Card because it is not proof of Nationality. Aadhaar Card Stating that it is proof of Identity, not nationality.

If you are living in India since last 6 months, you can get a local rent agreement or any other valid documents like recommendation letter with photograph from gazetted officer or local authorities. Based on this, you can apply for Aadhaar Card with the Address you are currently staying.

Aadhaar is generated within 10 days of application and physical copy may arrive anytime within 3 weeks or after that time. But you can always download e-Aadhaar and take print of that. It is also equivalently valid.

Step 2: Get Bank Account

Once you get this, you can visit Any Bank  with your choice. And can ask for new saving account or use other banking product.

You can also apply for PAN card and other facilities in India those ask for Indian document.

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