Home WindowsMS-Office Using IF Formula in Microsoft Excel
Home WindowsMS-Office Using IF Formula in Microsoft Excel

Using IF Formula in Microsoft Excel

by John Bhatt
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As we have already shared some posts about Microsoft Excel, you may wish to go through them.

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  2. Terminology Related to Microsoft Excel
  3. Text Functions in Microsoft Excel – Part 1

There are many more of such articles, which you may find really helpful.

In today’s article, we are sharing a video. This video is in Hindi and we tried to teach IF Formula in Excel.

As it is using very simple and in-depth explanation, we hope this video will surely help you.

If you find above video about IF Formula helpful, please consider sharing with your friends, subscribing to our YouTube channel by clicking button above and encourage us. We are continuously creating new content. Please keep checking.

You can download the Demo File we have used while creating video by following link below.

Download “IF Formula in MS Excel” Excel-Result-IF.xlsx – Downloaded 82 times – 11 KB

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