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Software Review – Able2Extract PDF Converter

by John Bhatt


Today I am going to review a software that is is most useful if you work in a office and and mostly if you are analyst and have to analyze data received from bills or other documents. Most of bills and documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format) format, sometimes, we have to extract data from bills like Telephone bills and similar bills to make sort and make available for editing. While there might be many way to create a PDF from Excel or Word Document, but converting a PDF to Excel or Word has never been easy.

You must have tried downloading many software which claim they can do the job, you have visited and subscribed to many online websites which tell they can convert and send link to your mail ID. Even you got your file but what have been to formatting. Most of time the worst feeling is why Adobe created PDF format after getting the converted file.

Here is a ultimate solution to your requirement. A PDF converter that can do lot more than you assume. Your all requirements will be fulfilled.


Software name: Able2Extract PDF Converter 9
Provider Company: Investintech.com Inc.
File Name: InstallAble2Extract.exe
File Size: 44.40 MB
Latest Version: 9.0
License : Shareware (7 Days Trial Free)


Some of the most important and required features listed below.
  • Easy to use User Interface. Familier design and convert your documents on a single button click.
  • PDF Printer automatically installs with this software. You can create PDF from any documents, Images or page.
  • Advance Features while creating a PDF document like Author Name, Subject or Title of Document.
  • PDF Printer library is always On and option controls available in Task Bar Notification area.
  • Can convert Entire document or part based on selection.
  • Cross Platform. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Publisher, HTML, AutoCad, Image and many other formats.
  • Format and option control with each document format.
  • You can define your own Format to make document formatting as your wish like Header, Footer, Split Cells or Page Range to convert etc or leave to software to automatically adjust for you.
  • We tried converting documents to Excel, Word, Image, PowerPoint, HTML and other formats and we are amazed with the quality and formatting retained during the conversion process.
  • In the past days, we have used so many PDF Converters to get our job done but always there was a satisfaction point which never fulfilled our hope but Able2Extract PDF Converter amazed us with its quality and powerful tools.

There are lot more features which can not be listed here. If you need a PDF Converter, We can say, this is the best tool available and we used till date.


Home Screen:
Able2Extract PDF Converter Home Screen
Document Opened:
Able2Extract PDF Converter Document Opened
Conversion  Screen:
Able2Extract PDF Converter Document Converting
Able2Extract PDF Converter Document Output
I have just included some of sample images. There a lot more options to use in this application.
Thanks for reading.
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John Bhatt


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