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App Review – Hound Beta from SoundHound

by John Bhatt
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This time, we have a new product to review. We always love to share the experience with latest and useful applications. This is Android Application which have made boom in YouTube few weeks ago about its beta version demonstration video.

You guessed true, we are talking about Hound from manufacturer of SoundHound application. SoundHound is a music matching application based on your singing or music/tune you hear around. Now they are creating an application and named it Hound which is in Beta phase and available in US only from play store. When we watched video, we get surprised and joined their Beta Invitation program. Few days ago, they send a activation Code and we got some time to explore.

  • Super-fast results: We have used many application for Voice Search, few of them are Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri and many other available in Android Store. All apps took few seconds time to submit data to their server, then returned back data and displayed. But this app returned answers as it is sending result from local source.
  • All in one: This app can show results from your Music Playlist, Contacts, Settings, can set you alarm, make a call, send message and perform normal operations from voice commands.
  • Simplest to talk: You need to not be familiar with other similar Apps and memorize commands. You simply talk, as much as you can, as long query, it will not get tired. You can ask combined questions like “What time will be in London when 8 AM in Delhi” and “What is the value of Indian Currency in USD”. 


  • OK Hound: You can call App and talk by simply saying these two words. It will wake Hound and hound will start listening.
  • In-depth Results:  We have asked this Application about Population of Nepal. Also compared same query with Google Now. 


Beta version of App is this much advance and awesome, what will it be after fully launched globally. We will try to review the software once it is launched for public.

Quick Links: Google Play

Introduction Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1ONXea0mXg

We will be back with next awesome product. Keep reading and sharing.

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