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Cortana for Android Public Beta Review

by John Bhatt


Last week, Microsoft has released Cortana for Android (a most awaited AI assistant) which is already available in Windows 10 devices and Windows 8.1 mobile. While we have tried Cortana in Windows 10 Laptop, we are quite impressed with its performance. But as it was in Beta phase we did not expected much.

Recently, when we hear about the Public beta of Cortana and availability at Play store, we hurried to download the application. Unfortunately, Cortana is not available in India, however, we managed to get the APK from mirror sites and installed in device.

Cortana for Android

While, we have installed it on our Phone and tried giving some simple commands but it disappointed us.

We expect more features and powerful application once this is released but as compared to other applications available at this time, we did not find this application matching Microsoft standard.

Lets have a look at some commands we have given.

While we tried asking the same question “What is the name of first Lady?” to Google Now and Hound from SoundHound.

Lets have a look at their reply.

We have earlier reviewed Hound application from SoundHound. We find that too quite interesting app and continuously playing with the beta versions of application.

What we find good in Cortana for Android?

  • Voice Recognition is Excellent. As being non-english mother tongue user, it is harder to describe Artificial Intelligence applications in US or UK English. But Cortana has understood every word of sentence exactly as I said.
  • Can tell you Joke. Cortana can tell you jokes and quotes as per your request.
  • Can set Reminder/note. This app can set reminder based on your voice command. Also, this can take note of anything you’ve said.
  • Cortana can bring data from your Microsoft applications like Calendar, OneNote and other applications in a single place.

What we do not like in Cortana for Android?

  • Unable to provide all data. This is the main thing we do not like about Cortana. However, Bing is increasing its library and intelligence day by day, it still need some time to get upto Google.
  • Now Voice Command. Cortana does not support “Hi, Cortana.” in Mobile. We could not find any setting that can control or enable that feature. Additionally, you have to tap in screen when you have given some command such as setting reminder or taking note.
  • Not so fast. Cortana for Android is faster but not so faster as compared to Hound.

We expect much more improvement in Cortana in coming days as Microsoft is working on a ROM system that will change the way we use mobile. We are exploring Cortana, we will share if anything new arrives in this list. Keep reading and till then do not forget to share with your friends.

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