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SCAM – UnlimitedGB Web Hosting

by John Bhatt
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Once again, UnlimitedGB is trying to attract more customers using Google Adwords and other advertising method. They should because everyone else also do. But concern for writing this post is to aware and stop you from buying from them. You choose anyone but not them. Want to know why? Read below detailed post.


When started learning ASP.NET back in 2011, I need a web host to try things in real rather in development machine. As there are no commercial products and I just need it for testing, I choose shared hosting. I purchased shared hosting from Hostrivers.com which is now merged with WebGate.in. They were famous for providing reliable unlimited shared hosting with US Data Centers at cheapest price available. They have customer support options like Live Chat and Phone Support and you rarely need them. Still I have multiple hosting services with them. Back in 2014, they had some problem with their Windows data center partner and decided to end up providing any kind of Windows Hosting services and provided a timeline window to move files and database to elsewhere to existing customers. During that period, I have searched and find alternative at the similar price almost similar website design and features mentioned. I had been through the details and services they offer and even customer reviews before purchasing Windows Unlimited Shared Hosting. Let me mention, the hosting was purchased on the month of September and they are offering double validity during their festive offer. I purchased hosting for three years and got another three years free. Let me share screenshot of Control Panel to be more specific on this purchase.
UnlimitedGB Hosting Review - Scam
It is purchased in year 2014 and was for three years and bonus three years.

The Problem

Problem actually started when they have changed server and did not notified over e-mail or SMS. The website went down and I was like calling and creating support tickets.
SCAM - UnlimitedGB Web Hosting 1
My Support Ticket History in UnlimitedGB
As in above screenshot, I have the first incident mentioned above happened in 20th March 2015. Where they have migrated their server and did not configured my account in their new server. Neither my data and files were there nor I can access the Plesk. After calling them multiple times, I created support ticket on 22nd March and which was answered on 27th March and telling that my issue should be resolved. Let me share a screen from my E-Mail account which tells what they did.
SCAM - UnlimitedGB Web Hosting 2
They re-created my account on new server on 23rd March, After I created support ticket and there were no files and databases. They have contact us page where they have three support numbers and two escalation numbers and promise to be available 24×7. These are their three numbers +91-7667666855 / +91-7667666866 /+91-7667666877 which are Reliance Mobiles and no call center kind of software of process seems installed. Whenever you call, the Reliance ADAG music plays and someone answers mobile. If they ask you to Hold for sometime, it means at-least 20 minutes and they will mute the phone so you can not identify whether phone is active or someone just put in drawer and left away. There is no senior staffs so you can ask for senior team members. You will be lucky if they get back to you. Even after they have restored files and database, the website is still not working and they are unable to identify issue. Later, I noticed change in Server IP and updated that in Domain Control Panel which make website working.

The Another Issue – 2nd Ticket (09/05/2015)

It was when I noticed the MS SQL Databases which was created using wizard, was not showing in Plesk. However, database was there and connection and other operations were working fine, database is not showing for other regular tasks like backup and other managements. To login & manage database or write some query, I have to remember DB name, Username and Password each time. I asked for their help in this regard and this is unresolved yet.

The Epic one – 3rd Ticket (27/09/2017)

Actually Website is down this time also. When I logged into Plesk, there was error message that there are no subscription attached to my account. Lets be clear with below image.
SCAM - UnlimitedGB Web Hosting 3
Active Account showing No Subscription – UnlimitedGB Hosting
The issue is reported on 22nd September 2017 over phone, they ask for 24 hours time to resolve issue. I said OK and requested to rectify and solve quickly. When called next day, they asked for more 24 hours. They have system which creates support tickets if sent from registered email ID automatically. I sent them two mails and get confirmation with ticket number. But those two tickets are not showing in my control panel. These 24 hours turned to be more than 2 weeks and when I finally called and keep calling them, they they are back with reply that, their server was attacked by a Malware and all files and databases of all clients hosted on that shared server are lost and unrecoverable. Even they managed to provide me piece of TOS which mention they do not provide backup of hosted data and customer is liable for any data loss or damage. Which pissed me off, and I crossed all limits by threatening and taking legal actions, they restored my data and databases as they were on 7th October 2017.

Summary and Conclusion

You have above seen all images and screenshots without any edit and hope you can understand the concern of sharing. I just wanted to say, I have been looted but be-aware before buying anything.

The Pros (Why to Buy – Good Part)

  • Cheap Price

Cons (Why to not buy – Bad Part)

  • Worst Customer Support
  • Only support in English Language (No Hindi or any local language)
  • Unreliable Server’s
  • No Social Presence (If you see their Facebook/Twitter last update, that was before ages, possibly before you signed up on those platforms).
  • Do not expect Refund
  • No Redundant Backup (they do not have backup of your data and in case they wish, they can terminate your account without reason)
  • No customer notifications
Ohh, one last thing, please don’t be foolish by reading their on Shopper Approved, I can assure you, that all these are fake reviews. For trusted and individual reviews on their service, Google for UnlimitedGB Hosting Review and you will get a lot of posts and reviews. One of the freely available website listed them as 1.5 star out of 5.

My Final Words

If you can compromise your data and it don’t affect you whether your website is down or working, they have cheapest plans. Waste your money in buying service from UnlimitedGB.

If you are concerned about your data, security and reliability and in case something bad happens, excellent customer support, choose any other provider.

If you are searching for Linux/WordPress or VPS,
InMotionHosting is one of the most trusted company with own Data Center and reliable SSD with redundant backups with 99.9% up-time guaranteed. There is another Award Winning Web hosting company Bluehost. Bluehost provides Indian data centers as well for Indian bloggers and customer support for this company is also excellent.
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